Industrial sealants/adhesives

Flexible or plastic sealants or adhesives provide industrial design and construction with modern and innovative possibilities. They have many application advantages and customers will especially appreciate their high quality and the associated reliability and durability, the ability to lighten the structure or reduce costs. Last but not least, the use of products from this line allows new design possibilities or the use of new, modern components. Again, it is important to choose the right product to meet the specific needs of the customer.


LOCTITE® silicones are sealants with high flexibility and a wide range of options.

LOCTITE® silicones work based on the combination of silicon, oxygen and subgroups. Depending on the type of silicone you choose (1-part, 2-part or 1-part heat-cured) the silicones provide a variety of options. In general, however, they represent flexible bonding or sealing with high flexibility, high thermal, UV or chemical resistance and perfect adhesion to many types of materials.

Synthetic resins

LOCTITE® synthetic resins have versatile properties and are ease to use.

LOCTITE® synthetic resins are very versatile and can be hard or soft and flexible. It all depends on the mixture of the two components from which the final desired product is formed. Potting resins fill holes well, are easy to use, are strong and heat resistant, usually up to 120 ℃.

MS polymers

LOCTITE® MS polymers cure with moisture and are very resistant to environmental influences.

LOCTITE® MS polymers from the TEROSON MS product line with 1 or 2 parts are based on technology, thanks to which they cure with moisture and react by forming highly effective elastomers. In addition, they also contain a primer, i.e., a surface treatment as part of the composition. They are characterized by resistance to environmental influences and aging, flexibility and excellent adhesion to almost any material.


LOCTITE® Butyls are especially adhesive to metals, glass, ceramics or mineral surfaces.

LOCTITE® butyls from the TEROSON RB product line are characterized by their adhesion, thanks to which they can adhere mainly to metals, glass, ceramics or mineral surfaces, but also to wood or polystyrene. It is a plastic seal containing 1 part with excellent resistance to water or aging. Butyls are highly flexible, easy to bond, and results are visible immediately.