O-rings, shaft seals, seals for hydraulics and pneumatics, industrial gaskets for flange joints, asbestos-free plates and rubbers, V-belts, silentblocks, adhesives, bearings, Seger fuses and others. This is only a fraction of our wide range of products. As part of the AFINIS TRADE® service, we provide more than 70,000 products to meet your needs, whether you run a business in the field of industry, maintenance, services or other sectors.

Selected AFINIS TRADE® products

LOCTITE (glues and binders)

Nexzett (Automotive treatment and Industrial chemicals)

MOL (Lubricants and Oils)


Drive belts

O-rings profiles

Shaft seals, Sevanit seals

Rod and Piston seals, Wiper rings, Support rings


Metal industrial gasket – Fishbone, Spiral wound gaskets, Camprofile gaskets, RJT gasket rings, Sealing elements

AL rings
CU rings
FI rings

Gland packing
Sealing cords


Lubrication technology

Silent blocks
Flexible elements

Teflon tapes

Asbestos-free insulation and Sealing plates

Rubber sealing sheets, Floor rubbers, Sponge sealing sheets

Graphite sealing sheets

Insulating sheets
Industrial textiles

Technical plastics

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