The goal of our latest AFINIS FLEX® service is to offer you complex custom-made services that will guarantee your 100% satisfaction. From consulting, through design, to its completion and final application – all this under the auspices of our professional team.

List of services

  • Technical advice and measurement by professionally trained staff Tailor-made seal designs
  • Express gasket production
  • Cutting of porous(sponge) materials
  • Custom 3D printing production
  • Cutting of compact materials
  • Milling of rubber and technical plastic materials
  • Cutting materials into strips
  • Application of adhesive layer on flat sealing materials
  • Bonding and cutting of sandwich seals
  • Production of organizers and stackers
  • Combined Polytetrafluoroethylene products (flat and rotary)
  • Felt production
  • Production of seals for engine blocks 
  • Custom production of O-rings by vulcanization, compressing, glueing and machining
  • Production of seals of atypical measures by a puzzle joint 
  • Wrapping and sheet metal covering of flat seals 
  • Welding of PU and PE belts 
  • Cutting of protective and fireproof textiles

Gallerry of services

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Applying of adhesive layer to flat sealing materials
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Cutting of rubber and plastic materials
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Welding of PU and PE belts
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Tailor-made gasket designs
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Cutting materials into strips
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Felt production
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Production of seals of atypical measures by a puzzle joint
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Combined Polytetrafluoroethylene products
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Technical counselling and measuring by trained professionals at your place

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