Hydraulic seals within 24 hours? No fantasy, but our extremely fast AFINIS EXPRESS® service! Thanks to which, you are no longer in danger of machine downtime and related losses. Using the latest production technology, we are able to produce seals ranging from prototypes to entire production runs based on your requirements – in optimal size and the best material for immediate use.


  • production of seals within few hours using the most innovative production technology
  • production of seals made exactly to measureaccording to your requirements, ranging from prototypes to whole series of sealings
  • seals in adequate material design for your needs
  • express production of rotary seals based on your needs up to 720 mm diameter
  • production of seals up to 6,000 mm diameter
Polyurethanes: TPU, HPU, C-PU 72D, HPU 55D
Elastomers: NBR, NBR73, H-NBR, FPM, FPM73, EPDM, MVQ
Polyamides: POM, PA, PE 1000, PE 500
Polytetrafluorehtylene: PTFE pure, PTFE MoS2, PTFE bronze, PTFE carbon, PTFE grafit
Soft metals: Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Dural

Other material variation may be produced according to client’s needs.  Further details about relevant material specifications may be discussed with our technicians.

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