In the technical plastics product group, AFINIS Group® offers a wide range of plastics, which are divided according to the structure and temperature. We offer high-quality semi-finished products from more than 50 different plastics. In addition to all standard thermoplastics, AfinisGroup® also offers a number of special materials according to the individual needs and requirements of its customers.

Within our portfolio of products we offer sheets, robs and tubes in short graduated sizes and with special properties to meet your specific requirements. The products we sell are produced using several processing techniques. They include extrusion, pressing and calendering of plastics. A diverse range of high-performance, structural and industrial polymers is used in the production. In addition to this, we can supply cast plastic sheets, plastic tubes and plastic nylon rods. These machinable types of plastics are used as starting products for the production of precision end parts.

In addition, our customers can be sure that the products offered by us fully meet the strict requirements of quality standards.