Industrial applications

LOCTITE® products for industrial applications are used to secure, seal, or fasten components in a modern and effective way compared to traditional methods. The advantages of an industrial application vary depending on the specific product, but in general it can be said that these products are more reliable, more efficient, more economical, and easier to use. Depending on the specific need, customers in this category can choose from a wide portfolio of securing solutions, seals, and fasteners.


LOCTITE® threadlocker is available in liquid or thread form.

LOCTITE® threadlocker products prevent spontaneous release of fasteners, subsequent vibration and shock loading. It is a liquid preparation that perfectly fills gaps and is suitable for bonds of all sizes.

Protection againts vibration and thermal expansion

mantainance of clamping force

prevents corrosion and leaks

prevents abrasion and seizure – allows reliable disassembly

lower costs on inventory – one bottle for all thread sizes and shapes

Thread sealants

LOCTITE® Thread sealants are available in liquid or thread form.

The LOCTITE® Thread sealant fills the space between the threads, provides a seal immediately, and withstands high pressures when fully cured. They exist in liquid or thread form and are an ideal replacement for tape or jute sealants. They are one-part, so they are very easy to apply.

Gasketing sealants

LOCTITE® Gasketing sealants form impermeable barriers to liquids or gases.

LOCTITE® gasketing sealants fill all surface irregularities and, when applied correctly, provide an impermeable barrier to liquids and gases. With these gasket seals, which represent truly immediate and perfect sealing properties, there is no need to retighten the nuts. In addition, once fully cured, they withstand the high temperatures and pressures to which they are often subjected.

Retaining Compounds

LOCTITE® Retaining Compounds provide strength and can carry heavy loads.

LOCTITE® Retaining compounds are used to secure cylindrical parts to prevent their loosening, friction and subsequent corrosion. It is a liquid which ensures 100% contact, which in practice means an even distribution of the load in the bond. These preparations are able to carry large loads and are characterized by high strength.