Filling, protection, and coatings

Protection of parts, prevention against damage or repair of already damaged equipment components requires modern and innovative solutions. The LOCTITE® brand provides these in the form of metal-filled sealants, vehicle body repair products and also in the form of special coatings and anti-abrasion mixtures. A significant advantage of metal-filled sealants over traditional repair methods, such as welding, is higher efficiency, speed and perfect protective properties. Protective coatings and anti-abrasion mixtures, in turn, offer the machine higher efficiency and longer operation.

Metal-filled sealants

LOCTITE® Metal-filled sealants are used for reliable repair of machine damage.

LOCTITE® metal-filled sealants form  an effective solution for various damage to machines and equipment without the need for traditional methods, such as time-consuming and technically demanding and expensive welding. With these products you can repair, modify or renovate quickly and easily without the need for heating. Sealants correspond to the colour of the metal and work well with various materials.

Vehicle body repair

Adhesive vehicle body repair products provide strength and impact resistance.

Structural adhesives for vehicle body repairs offer many advantages. They are easy to use, whether hot or cold and their effect is reliable. Adhesives for bonding vehicle roofs and sheets provide the individual bonded components with sufficient strength and impact resistance.

Coatings and anti-abrasion mixtures

LOCTITE® Coatings and anti-abrasion mixtures ensure efficient machine operation.

Protective coatings and anti-abrasion mixtures from the LOCTITE® portfolio protect individual parts against the effects of the external environment, such as corrosion or erosion. Coatings and anti-abrasion mixtures are perfectly adhesive and act as prevention against wear of machines, which ultimately means lower costs for the replacement of parts or machines.