Bonding in industry greatly facilitates and speeds up the production of components and materials, while being a reliable method of bonding competing with traditional, mechanical methods of fastening or welding. Bonded products are more reliable, less expensive, and durable, which means that their service life increases significantly. Instant adhesives and UV adhesives are very popular and easy to use, known in particular for their express curing speed and exceptional stability.

Instant adhesives

LOCTITE® Instant adhesives are characterized by fast, accurate and solid application.

Instant adhesives are especially popular for their ease of use, but also for their express fast curing and subsequent bond strength over a relatively small area. They do not contain solvents and bond different materials, while they adhere perfectly to many surfaces, especially rubber or plastic.

UV adhesives

LOCTITE® UV adhesives provide excellent adhesive properties in just a few seconds.

The UV adhesive remains in a liquid state until it is exposed to sufficiently intense light. Until then, it can be manipulated, which means more time for accurate placement of individual components. After exposure to UV radiation, the adhesive solidifies in a few seconds, which creates potential space for shortening production processes. LOCTITE® UV adhesives are 1-part, completely clear, visible by fluorescence and particularly reliable.