We are an environmentally responsible responsible manufacturer


Being an environmentally responsible producer is important not only for ecological, but also for economic and social reasons. Ours active participation in the RZV system, our company AFINIS Group® contributes to improving the quality of sorted waste collection in our villages and cities, saving primary resources and improving the environment that belongs to us all.

The funds that we contributed last year were used to ensure the collection, transportation, evaluation and recycling of waste from sorted collection from a total of 2,249,990 residents and from 951 municipalities in a total amount of 94,622 tons.

As a responsible manufacturing and trading company, we realize that a sustainable approach to production ensures the long-term viability of business and a healthy environment. Focusing on environmental responsibility can support the development of new technologies and innovative solutions that will bring additional benefits to business and society.

Being an environmentally responsible manufacturer is not only a matter of ethics, but also a strategic approach that brings tangible benefits to business, society and the planet as a whole. Linking economic, ecological and social aspects creates a solid foundation for long-term success and sustainable development.