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Complex services and tailor-made seals

AFINIS Group® has been your reliable partner in the field of seals and sealing technologies for more than 29 years. We provide COMPLEX SERVICES to our clients – from the design and production of seals and sealing technologies, through expert technical advice, to business activities. In case we are not your business partner yet, read this blog, maybe now is the right moment to change that.

The philosophy of the AFINIS Group® company, from the very beginning of its operation on the Slovak market and abroad, is much more than just selling seals. Are you asking why AFINIS Group®? The extensive range of our product portfolio and more than 85,000 types of items in stock provide you with the necessary support and reliability whenever you need it. Through our 20 modern production technologies, many years of experience and a professional team, we make an effort to make you successful thanks to our “tailor-made solutions”. So that your companies and business progress, and we could be part of your success.

Are you asking what characteristics describe us the most?


In AFINIS GROUP® we focus on more than just production or sale. 29 years of experience plays in our favor, mainly thanks to our professionally trained team, which is always ready to help you find the ideal solution for your application. And since a large part of our employees work in our country for 15 to 23 years, there is no doubt about expertise and experience. The professional level of our services is very important to us, as much as possible you, our faithful clients.


Do you know why are we different? Because in the AFINIS GROUP® within our 4 product lines we really offer you everything you need in the field of production, operation, service and maintenance in all industries or other areas of business for successful operation and progress. In one place we will prepare a proposal, make production, provide expert advice or services and buy a wide variety of semi -finished products and products.

The production of customized seals and sealing technologies is our main activity. That is also why we are dedicated to it within two product lines.

As part of the AFINIS GASKET® product line, we manufacture customized flat gaskets using modern and progressive technology, based on drawing documentation, a sample or a drawing in a wide range of materials. Thanks to the 24-hour express service for the production of flat gaskets, we will make a custom-made gasket for you within 24 hours with an optimal semi-finished product in stock. We also offer our own line of asbestos-free, PTFE, graphite or insulating sheets.
Learn more here: https://afinisgroup.sk/en/afinis-gasket-2/

The AFINIS EXPRESS® product line offers you a 24-hour express service for the production of rotary seals, with optimal semi-finished products in stock. Thanks to it, you minimize machine downtime and at the same time you can reduce your inventory because you don’t need to store what you can order at any time. This saves costs and at the same time avoids losses caused by downtime of a malfunctioning machine.
Learn more here: https://afinisgroup.sk/en/afinis-express-2/

We provide business activity thanks to the AFINIS TRADE® product line. A warehouse with more than 85,000 items is a guarantee that you will almost certainly always find everything you need for service and maintenance in all industries or other areas of business.
In addition, at our AFINIS Point retail store at Žitná 1 in Bratislava, trained salespeople will advise you on everything you need and find the ideal solution for you and your application.
Learn more here: https://afinisgroup.sk/en/afinis-trade-2/

We offer tailored services to each customer within our AFINIS FLEX® product line. From measurement and consulting, through custom design, express production to the exact implementation on request.
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If you still want to ask us something, we are available for you by phone, e-mail, but also in person at our AFINIS Point retail store in Rača, Bratislava. Our expert salespeople will be more than happy to help you and answer your questions.

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