How to protect a car or fleet before wear out and save at the same time?

By using Nextzett high-quality car cosmetics products

Do you have a company car or do you own a fleet of cars, commercial vehicles or trucks that your business cannot do without? In that case, this blog is for you. We offer you an effective and at the same time ecological solution, thanks to which you will protect all your vehicles from adverse effects of the weather, premature wear and, ultimately, will remain as new for a long time, thus saving money.

Every car owner wants only the best for his “sweetheart”. He knows that with quality care he will achieve his best appearance and performance. We at AFINIS Group® know that your car or vehicle fleet needs quality products that will ensure that they look as beautiful as new for a long, long time.


And this is precisely where the German brand of auto cosmetics, industrial chemicals and accessories Nextzett comes into play. Its wide portfolio of high-quality products will ensure the protection of your vehicle fleet in an efficient and at the same time ecological way. Professional products of the Nextzett brand are tailor-made for all parts and surfaces of your fleet.

Suitable for garage, workshop or factory

The best thing about Nextzett products is that they are versatile. They are suitable for an individual, but also for a business or industry. So they can be used in a normal garage, where you can pamper your car even every day, in a car workshop or car wash, where you can pamper your clients’ cars and fleet with Nextzett products, but they are also ideal in large companies, where Nextzett takes care for high-quality care of a complete fleet of cars, commercial vehicles and trucks.

Cleanliness, smell and protection

Your car has never looked or smelled better. With Nextzett brand products, your car will be in condition like never before – from clean wheels to a polished windshield. The wide portfolio of Nextzett products will take care not only of cleanliness, but also of vehicle hygiene and care of selected vehicle mechanisms. What can you find on offer?


We select 7 bestsellers from dozens of great and high-quality products:

  • Clean wheels? No problem for Colortec wheel cleaner! Actively removes stubborn dirt, rids wheels of rust and brake dust, even without additional application.
  • The winter months will be easier for your fleet with Anti Frost washer concentrate. This de-icing liquid for washers removes dirt and smudges and at the same time prevents the windshield or rear glass from re-icing. It allows you to dilute the mixture in the washers according to the desired temperature up to -60 ºC. It does not contain toxic methanol and is made from pure natural alcohol. It has a citrus scent and can be used all year round. You can buy this concentrate from us in 1l and 5l containers, but also in a practical 200-liter package for companies with a larger vehicle fleet.
  • Cockpit Classic, Lemon or Premium dashboard cleaner will be loved by all who love dashboard cleanliness. It cleans, protects and has an antistatic effect. It leaves a clean-smelling velvety matte finish with a dashboard fade protection filter and a fresh scent.
  • It is also necessary to mention the windshield cleaner Windscreen Clear, which is suitable for all types of glass, perfectly removes dirt and does not leave streaks. It removes dirt, grease, wax, silicone from the glass, does not damage any material and also smells pleasant.
  • Let’s not forget the Mikrofiber Professional microfiber towel, which can be used outside and inside, it is intended for all surfaces, while it does not leave fibers and cleans perfectly.
  • Thanks to the universal cleaner Universal Cleaner + Smoke Ex, you can clean stains and deposits of all kinds. It does not mask odors, but removes them organically from the ground up. It does not contain silicones and has a pleasant and long-lasting smell.
  • Nextzett’s bestsellers definitely include the highly concentrated Wash & Wax Raindance car shampoo, which removes many impurities that other car shampoos do not, such as resin. It leaves behind a shimmery shine.

AFINIS Group® is the exclusive distributor of the Nextzett brand in Slovakia. You can therefore find high-quality Nextzett products in stock in only one place, directly in our AFINIS Point retail store at Žitná 1 in Bratislava, together with a wide range of products for service and maintenance for all industries.

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