Anti Frost concentrate


Subzero temperatures are approaching. Therefore, it is high time, if you did not do so before the beginning of winter, to pour antifreeze into the washers. Drain or spray the summer mixture and then pour the winter mixture. Each of them has its own specific properties, and therefore the mixtures tend to react together, creating an oily film after spraying on the glass, which is very difficult to remove.

The use of antifreeze concentrate is an advantage. When the temperature outside is -10 ºC and you have liquid at -20 ºC in the washer, it may not be enough. If it is sprayed while driving on subcooled glass, that has not had time to be warmed by the warm air flowing in the interior, the alcohol component will evaporate quickly and a thin layer of ice will remain on the glass. Therefore, we recommend diluting the concentrate by adding distilled water. At lower temperatures, we recommend using a stronger concentrate.

For clean, safe and problem-free driving in the winter months, we offer you the concentrate of antifreeze of the high-quality German brand Nextzett – Anti Frost. It is a concentrated washer de-icer that removes dirt and smudges while preventing re-icing by leaving an invisible barrier on the windscreen. We sell it in smaller, practical 1 l and 5 l packages, but also in a large 200 l package for companies with a fleet of vehicles.

Advantages of Anti Frost concentrate

  • de-icing and cleaning at the same time
  • cleaning without streaks and reflections
  • compatible with polycarbonate windows
  • suitable for spray nozzles
  • safe for paint, rubber and plastic

Anti Frost concentrate is tested for suitability for use on polycarbonate headlight lenses. Guaranteed not to damage paint, glass, plastic or rubber. It has a fresh citrus scent. It can be used all year round. It does not contain toxic methanol and is made from pure natural alcohol. At the same time, it is environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable.