Water treatment

Cleaning, pH-Regulator and disinfectant for water treatment.

Tresan TR 35

Service water disinfectant and excellent surface disinfectant.
Highly effective sterilizing agent for industrial water ased on stabilized hydrogen peroxide stabilized with silver ions. On disinfected areas,
the silver ions provide a sustained depot effect. Tresan TR 35 is free
of formaldehyde or formaldehyde residue. Silicone-free.

25l  | 91620515

pH-Regulator Alkaline

Contains a special tenside-free low carbonate and low sulfate lye
to optimize the pH of acidic service water and sewage. pH-Regulator
is indispensable when using acidic flocculants and precipitating agents. Can be used with any level of water hardness without loss
of effectiveness. Silicone-free.

   25l  | 91612015

200l  | 91613015


The broad-band flocculant with a wide pH range effectiveness of pH 7.0-10. A multi-component preparation for extensive elimination
of dirt, grease and oil particles from used water. Also removes
oil-emulsifying tensides and reduces the contaminant values
of the used water considerably. Areas of application: water recycling systems in roll-over, brush and tunnel car wash systems and other automated cleaning systems. Siliconefree.

  25l  | 91752015