Professional polishes

A range of high-quality polish products for different use that can smoothen smaller paint imperfections and lead to perfect gloss and protection.


Express Polish

Special care polish for all like-new paintwork. Cleans thoroughly, protects paintwork and provides long-term protection in a single step. Especially gentle surface action. Easy and convenient to apply. Special silicone ensures a long-lasting shine. Suitable for use with polishing machines as well as by hand.

1000ml  | 93151015

No 1 Clean & Polish

Abrasive polish for removing fine scratches and swirl marks
from the paint and heavy oxidation. Can be applied with polishing machine or by hand.

  250ml  | 93100515

1000ml | 93101015

No 2 One Step Polish

Polishes and conditions for long-term results in a single step. Removes compound marks and can smoothen smaller paint imperfections. Leaves a high gloss finish and protective film, which can be improved by applying No 4 Hartglanz. Can be applied with polishing machine
or by hand.

  250ml  | 93110515

1000ml | 93111015

No 3 Polish & Wax

Special care polish for all like-new and well-maintained paint finishes. Cleans the paint finish leaving a high gloss finish and adds a protective layer of carnauba wax. Very gentle to the surface. Easy and fast to apply. Can be applied with polishing machine or by hand.

  250ml  | 93120515

1000ml  | 93121015

No 4 Hartglanz

Formulated from the latest in polymer synthetic waxes for long-lasting protection. No 4 Hartglanz achieves an exceptional deep gloss finish while providing your paint finish with the best in protection from the elements. Makes dark finishes incredibly deep and makes metallic flakes appear to jump off the finish. Can be applied with polishing machine or by hand.

  250ml  | 93020515

1000ml  | 93021015

SF 1 Extreme Cut

Cutting compound for professional users that sets a new benchmark. The special aluminum oxide micro-abrasives, ensure the highest cutting rate and maximum gloss level are achieved. Also excellent for older, weathered coatings as well as acrylic glass lenses. SF 1 Extreme Cut removes dust nibs, paint runs, scratches and overspray.
Ideal for reconditioning matte and weathered coatings. Water-based and siliconefree.

1000ml  | 93121315

SF 2 High Gloss Finish

Medium-cut finishing polish with specially developed, high-tech abrasives, which are the latest generation in the microscopic range. Eliminates swirl marks and holograms. SF 2 High Gloss Finish produces an ultimate deep gloss finish and lasting protection. Since it’s
silicone-free, it can be applied on all coatings without restrictions. Produces no holograms (even on black coatings), no lubricating film, and can be polished out without any residue. A straightforward polish for virtually all applications. Water-based and silicone-free.

1000ml  | 93121515

SF 3 Premium Protect

High-gloss sealant based on natural and synthetic waxes. The polymer crosslinked care components create a natural gloss and protective finish on all paint finishes. Excellent protection is achieved in a one step finish that applies effortlessly. SF 3 Premium Protect leaves
a brilliant, streak- free deep gloss finish on all smooth surfaces through the use of special care components and the fine-tuned selection
of high-quality gloss components. Water-based and silicone-free.

1000ml  | 93121415

einszett D2 Special Cleaner

The ultimate paint cleaner for old, weathered, solvent-based coatings. Removes even stubborn and deep paint oxidation, flying rust (rail dust), paint overspray, hard water stains and industrial grime.
Strip-free processing. Eliminates scratches and scrapes. Very popular and appreciated product in the classic car scene. Silicone-free.

1000ml  | 93040515