Equipment and accessories

The LOCTITE® portfolio of products also includes products used for the application of individual products in the form of manual or semi-automatic application equipment, guns and systems. They have been designed to meet the needs of different customers and operations. Whether for single-user operation or automatic production lines, LOCTITE® always has the right solution. Spare parts and various other important accessories are also available for each device.

Dispensing and application systems

Dispensing and application systems include manual or semi-automatic devices.

LOCTITE® dispensing and application systems include hand-held applicators for 1 or 2-part cartridges, hand-held dispensing guns, mixers and nozzles. The portfolio also includes manual and semi-automatic dispensing systems and equipment for light curing.


LOCTITE® accessories, we choose, for example, application needles or protective aids.

Accessory products include complementary products for light curing equipment, protective equipment or application needles with different internal diameters.