Cleaning and shampoo

Acid, mild alkaline or concentrated shampoo for hand or automated wash that will enhance perfect look and sheen of vehicles.


Special acidic shampoo with proton activator to accelerate drying. Provides outstanding drying results in roll-over and tunnel systems using recycled water or high alkaline pre-cleaners. Prolongs the life
of brushes and cloths. Specially developed for very hard water. Silicone-free.

   25l | 91542015

 200l | 91543015

Clean Dry & Shine

Mild alkaline, low-foaming detergent with hydrophobic effect,
that consistently removes oil, animal and vegetable fats, insects, dirt, protein and micro dust. Suitable for manual car, truck and train wash. If used frequently it creates an extreme gloss and leaves a film
that protects against re-pollution („easy to clean“ effect). Prevents calcification and therefore leads to a spotless drying finish.

   25l | 90282015

 200l | 90283015

Auto Gloss Car Wash Shampoo

Highly concentrated, gloss enhancing, professional hand wash car wash shampoo that cleans road grime, tree sap and other pollutants without the use of aggressive detergents that can leave spotting
or residue behind. Leaves a high gloss shine for a wax-like finish. Phosphate-free and safe for use in areas where food is prepared, stored or sold. Silicone-free.

1000ml | 91116015

        10l | 91116115

        25l | 91116215

Perls Shampoo Wash & Wax Raidance

Concentrated shampoo for an effortless manual foam wash which seals in the shine. It cleans quickly and thoroughly like a shampoo. Polymers provides durable protection against the environment
and weather by sealing in the shine and creating a deep, visible,
long-lasting sheen. Instant water beading after rinsing reveals
the sealed-in mirror shine.

500ml | 98140515

      25l | 98142515

    200l | 98144115