PTFE ̶ polytetrafluoroethylene

The material PTFE, with the trade name Teflon®, is a semi-crystalline fluoropolymer with many unique properties. PTFE has an unusually high thermal stability, -200 to +260°C, short-term up to 300°C, chemical resistance and an equally high melting point. At the same time, PTFE products have excellent sliding properties, excellent electrical resistance and a non-stick surface. However, in contrast to these properties it has low mechanical strength and high specific weight compared to other plastics. To improve mechanical properties, PTFE plastics can be reinforced with additives such as glass fibers, carbon or bronze. Due to its structure, PTFE is often shaped into semi-finished products by compression and then machined with cutting/machining tools.

Colour and material design*

PTFE natural


PTFE filled with the carbon fibre


PTFE filled with the glass fibre


PTFE filled with the graphite fibre


PTFE filled with bronze


* other colour and material designs on request


Advantages of the material

  • excellent chemical resistance
  • very wide range of operating temperatures, from -200°C to 260°C
  • excellent dielectric properties
  • hydrophobic (does not absorb water)
  • very low coefficient of friction



  • non-filled (natural)
  • filled with the carbon fibre
  • filled with the glass fibre
  • filled with the graphite fiber 
  • filled with bronze


Design type

  • sheets
  • rods
  • tubes


Standard dimensions

  • sheets – size 1,200 x 1,200 mm, thickness 1-150 mm / we can also supply additional cuts on request
  • rods – length 1,000 mm, diameter 8-200 mm
  • tubes – length 1,000 mm, inner diameter from 10 mm, outer diameter up to 250 mm


Other dimensions on request.