PET - Polyethyleneterephatalate

The material is polyester with a relatively high density. PET comes either as amorphous (shapeless) or as a semi-crystalline thermoplastic. Typical properties of semi-crystalline terephthalate sold by AFINIS Group® include hardness, stiffness, strength, excellent sliding properties and high wear resistance (compared to POM in wet or dry environments). Thanks to its good flowability, low moisture absorption and excellent dimensional stability, PET plastic material is extremely suitable for applications where complex parts with the highest requirements in terms of dimensional accuracy and surface quality are needed. The thermal properties of PET support good temperature stability and dimensional stability as well. The company AFINIS Group® sells it in the form of standard warehouse semi-finished products for further processing.


Colour and material design*

PET Natural

PET Black

* other colour and material design on request


Advantages of the material

  • excellent dimensional stability
  • very low moisture absorption
  • excellent creep
  • good sliding properties
  • high wear resistance
  • high tensile strength and stiffness
  • good machinability
  • low coefficient of thermal expansion



  • non-filled (natural)
  • black


Design type

  • sheets
  • rods
  • tubes


Standard dimensions

  • sheets – size 1,000 x 2,000 mm, thickness 1-150 mm / we can also supply additional cuts on request
  • rods – length 1,000 mm, diameter 8-200 mm
  • tubes – length 1,000 mm, inner diameter from 20 mm, outer diameter up to 250 mmm


Other dimensions on request.