A practical set of products used for the application of Nextzett products not only for industry.


Wheel Brush

60mm long, acid-resistant and robust wheel brush.
The brush is metal-free and therefore does not harm any surfaces.

Piece  | 40020015

Car Brush

320 x 120mm, with chemical resistant handle. The brush is metal-free and designed to offer effective cleaning without scratching the surface of your car.

Piece  | 40021015

Handsprayer XXL Super Pro 1l Trigger

Piece  | 40035115

Handsprayer XXL Super Pro 1l

Handsprayer with Viton seal, that includes the world’s only double action spray head for a constant, fine spray with minimal effort.
Comes with a 360 degree capability. Spray at any angle, even

Piece  | 40035015

Manual Spray Bottle 500ml

500ml Handsprayer, same bottle and trigger as of products in shop range e.g. Cockpit Premium

Piece  | 40031015

Pump Atomizer 1,5l Solvent

Comes with a directional and adjustable nozzle tip, EPDM seals, a base rim for stability and protection, and visible strip to check fluid level. Includes a built-in safety valve operational in excess of 3 bar.

Piece  | 40036015

Pump Atomizer 1,5l Acid

The seals and coated metal parts on this sprayer have been chosen
for their compatibility with the harshest of chemicals. Comes complete with Viton seals.

Piece  | 40037015

Pump Atomizer 1,5l Alkaline

Pump Atomizer that comes complete with Viton seals and a polyamide pump barrel for the most effective resistance to solvent based products.

Piece  | 40037115

Pump Atomizer 12l

Compact sprayer with pump-up action, 50cm spray lance and selection of nozzle tips. Comes with Viton seal, carrying strap, pressure gauge and 3 different spray tips.
Dimensions: 235 x 235 x 730mm

Piece  | 40039015

Pump Atomizer 6l

Features: see Pump Atomizer 12l. Dimensions: 235 x 235 x 700mm

Piece  | 40038015

Glass Scraper

5 replacement blades are included, great for taking stickers off mirrors, glass and more.

Piece  | 40015015

Cleaning Gun Twister

Air cleaning gun with dispenser. Uses high-pressure air for dusting,
or with cleaning liquid in the dispenser for cleaning. The „tornado effect“ releases dirt particles with great force from the surface to be treated. Perfect for cleaning car interiors, dashboards, ventilation ducts, car seat tracks, the gear box and hand brake. Astonishing results on car seat covers and carpets.

Piece  | 40138315

Clay Bar Fine

200gr, blue. Non-abrasive product that will remove deposits
from surfaces. With the Clay Bar Fine, the removal of severe paint stains is effortless. Surface irregularities are gently smoothed out
and the paintwork is properly prepared for polishing or for a sealant paint.

Piece  | 40040015

Polishing Pad Lambswool 80mm

100% Twisted Lambswool Polishing Pad. This top-quality twisted heavy cut wool pad produces incredible fast and consistent results. Recommended for use in conjunction with SF 1 Extreme Cut.

Piece  | 40090215

Polishing Pad Lambswool 130mm

100% Twisted Lambswool Polishing Pad. This top-quality twisted heavy cut wool pad produces incredible fast and consistent results. Recommended for use in conjunction with SF 1 Extreme Cut.

Piece  | 40090115

Polishing Pad Lambswool 150mm

100% Twisted Lambswool Polishing Pad. This top-quality twisted heavy cut wool pad produces incredible fast and consistent results. Recommended for use in conjunction with SF 1 Extreme Cut.

Piece  | 40090015

Polishing Pad No 1 Cutting

160 x 30mm foam pad with cooling hole. Polishing Pad No 1 is great
for major paint defect remediation, including scratch reduction
and removal of heavy oxidation. Recommended for use in conjunction with SF 1 Extreme Cut and No 1 Clean & Polish.

Piece  | 40092515

Polishing Pad No 2 Medium

160 x 30mm foam pad with cooling hole. Polishing pad for light paint correction and polishing. Excellent for removal of minor paint defects. Recommended for use in conjunction with SF 2High Gloss Finish,
No 2 One Step Polish and No 3 Polish & Wax.

Piece  | 40092015

Polishing Pad No 3 Finish

160 x 30mm waffle foam pad with cooling hole. Polishing Pad for final finishing and wax/sealant application. Recommended for use in conjunction with SF 3 Premium Protect, No 3 Polish & Wax and No 4 Hartglanz.

Piece  | 40093015

Polishing Pad Cutting Karopad

160 x 25mm foam pad. Firm, high density foam for scratch and defect removal. Use this pad as a paint correction pad that will work on hard paints or weathered, scratched clear coat. Recommended for use
in conjunction with SF 1 Extreme Cut and No 1 Clean & Polish.

Piece  | 40091015

Microfiber Glassy Profi

40x 40cm, individually packaged. Low pile towel that is great
for cleaning windows and mirrors, polishing chrome, glass and metals. This microfiber works exceptionally well for windows and mirrors around the house.

Piece  | 40086515

Microfiber Professional

40x 40cm, 280GSM, individually packaged. Super fine cleaning cloth
for all surfaces inside and outside. High water and dirt absorption capacity. Absolutely lint-free. Long life expectancy (up to 250 wash cycles)

Piece | 40084015

Microfiber Magic Interior

40x 40cm, 320GSM, comes in pack of 5. Perfect combination of weight, size, absorbency and cleaning ability. Universal to use.
Machine washable and dryer safe, will last hundreds of washings.

Pack  | 40087015

Microfiber Magic Exterior

40x 40cm, 400GSM, edgeless, comes in pack of 5. The microfiber polishing cloth has a soft touch and non stitched edge, making it safe for use on the most delicate clearcoat surfaces. Even the thickest paste waxes will be easily removed with this microfiber buffing towel without caking.

Pack  | 40088015

Microfiber High Gloss Deluxe

40x 40cm, 600GSM. Super soft and ultra fluffy microfiber car wash cloth that is great for waterless car wash and quick detailing sprays. The high pile on this microfiber washcloth pulls dirt away
from the surface so that it will not scratch. Duo Plush, high pile double sided towels.

Piece| 40086015

Car Wash Sponge

Fine pored super absorbent sponge. Made from natural Ingredients.

Piece  | 41241515

Sponge for solvent based products

Special sponge for use with water, acrylic and solvent based products. Made to be much denser than other sponges so that it will hold
the maximum amount of product for faster application.

Piece  | 41241015

Multi Purpose Sponge

130 x 80 x 45mm. Combination makes for a highly effective grout sponge that has some extra scrubbing power, when needed.
Many applicators find the white scrubbing pad helpful if grout dries
a little too hard on the surface.

Piece | 41240615

Hand Wash Paste

An easy to dissolve paste for gentle cleaning of heavily soiled
or greasesstained hands. For use in all hard water an anti-limescale product is added. Hand-Wash Paste-contains no abrasive wood shavings or sand. Dermatologically tested. Silicone-free.

450ml  | 91331045

      10l  | 91331015


500 sheets, 3-layer, blue, comes in pack of 2. Unbeatable cleaning effect due to micro-toothing of the surface structure.
Due to its tear-resistance, no fluffing and extreme absorbency the ideal paper to clean glass. Environmental friendly by using recycled paper.

Piece  | 47101015

Cleaning Bucket 15l

Made of strong ABS plastic with a capacity of 15 liters, practical for professional vehicle washing.

Piece  | 40010015

Spigot for 5 / 10l and 25l

Special plastic drain tap suitable for all 5 / 10 or 25 liters canister. It is equipped with a rotary lock to prevent spillage.

5l / 10l  Piece  | 40133015

       25l  Piece  | 40134015

Barrel Pump basic

It is suitable for cans of 20 liters up to 200-liter barrels. The red pump is provided with a barrel adapter with 2” thread. For plastic barrels
and cans, adapters are available. The hand pump was designed
as a siphon pump and is suited for all neutral and slightly aggressive media.

Piece  | 40137015

Barrel Pump extra

Yellow pump suitable for almost all liquids of low viscosity, such
as acids, alkaline solutions and water-based chemicals.

Piece  | 40137115

Dosing Device Accudose

The device complies with the requirements of the European Water Authorities (ED1717) and allows an efficient mix thanks to the 14 different dosing nozzles. The Accudose is connected directly
to the water tap and works without power and compressed air.

Piece  | 40138015