Glue you can rely on: Try Loctite HY 4070

Gluee you can rely on:
Try Loctite HY 4070

It always pays off to have a high-quality universal glue you can rely on. LOCTITE HY 4070 glue bonds almost everything – firmly, quickly, easily and without mess.

You will surely prove us right. No operation can do without a quality universal
glue, which, if necessary can bond different materials together in a quick and reliable manner. The use of adhesives really pays off as it has several advantages such as saving maintenance costs, increased reliability and safety as well as efficiency of operations and the use of equipment. LOCTITE HY 4070 is one of such universal adhesives.

Use the glue without limitations

When speaking about LOCTITE HY 4070, we are literally talking about gluing that does not set any limits. Construction adhesive LOCTITE HY 4070 has several excellent features that every establishment will appreciate. It is a high-strength adhesive intended for repairs of various types and quick fixing in bond gaps of up to 5 millimeters. It can bond many different materials, including most types of plastic, rubber or metal, which makes it a truly universal helper.

Glue without mess

LOCTITE HY 4070 bonds not only firmly, but also quickly, as it can in certain conditions harden at room temperature within a minute. However, the speed of hardening depends on the specific material and also on the size of the gap. When it comes to glueing, most of us get discouraged by the mess its manipulation might produce. However, thanks to its thick gel consistency it prevents adhesive flow, even on vertical surfaces, which is clearly a big plus. Moreover, one must not forget to mention the significant resistance of this two-component hybrid adhesive to heat (-40 °C to 100 °C) and also to humidity.

Would you like to know more about LOCTITE HY 4070?
You can read about its specific and complete technical parameters HERE.