We are glad that AFINIS Group®, as a stable company with 28 years of experience, can also support others on their journey to fulfill their dreams. We are proud to endorse the young and talented Miška Belzárová and her dog in an unusual sport discipline like bikejoring.
The couple has taken part in the World Championship and we would like to congratulate them on their success. It has been the hardest competition they have ever participated. Tough competition, problems on track and Miška’s complete exhaustion in the finish line where she needed medical assistance, however, everything was worth it. Miška has pushed her own limits in terms of strength and endurance.
She did the best she could, also for her little dog that deserves it. She is also very proud of her team. Together with her partner, they have won the 3rd place and therefore the title of the 2nd VICE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD. Only 5 seconds separated them from the 1st place and 3 seconds from the second. Even if those 5 seconds hurt, it is an impressive performance and success for Slovakia. Once again, we warmly congratulate on this remarkable achievement (5s from 1st and 3s from 2nd place) and the title of 2nd Vice-Champion of the World.
It’s quite an accomplishment and those 5 seconds hurt.