All Technologies Under One Roof

As of November 9, 2022, the production of rotary gakets within the AFINIS EXPRESS® service in Bratislava will be enhancend by a new machine from the multinational company SKF.

The production of customized rotary gaskets, as part of the AFINIS EXPRESS® service, is moving to Bratislava from November 6, 2022. By transfering the production machine from Prešov to the capitol, AFINIS Group® will become more efficient in its production and thus offer better service to its customers. Delivery within 24 hours is guaranteed for custom-made rotary gaskets if semi-finished products are in stock and the seal is up to 720 millimeters.

“We believe that the transfer of our operation from Prešov to Bratislava has been the right decision. We will have all technologies under one roof and under supervision,” explains Robert Melišek, the company’s owner.

AFINIS GROUP® currently offers products and services in the field of seals and sealing technologies on the Slovak market on 18 production machines, which increases the efficiency of production and at the same time, offers potential for 24/7/365 service. It operates 5 machines within the AFINIS EXPRESS product line ® – production of custom-made gaskets within 24 hours, 10 machines in the production of flat gaskets – AFINIS GASKET® product line and 3 devices for 3D printing. Other equipment includes technologies for laminating materials or binding boards of different materials.

If you are looking for a supplier with express production of customized seals, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to produce them for you!