The modified PTFE sealing boards have a lot of great properties, but most often they are the number one choice mainly because of their chemical and temperature resistance, which ultimately means their usage is much more efficient. Read more about this reliable yet effective material.


When defining what PTFE actually is, complex chemical names and compounds are simply unavoidable. PTFE, also known as polytetrafluoroethylene, is a high-performance synthetic fluoropolymer
of tetrafluoroethylene with a density of approximately 2,160 kg/m3.

Compared to other fluoropolymers, it is different because it is the only one that cannot be processed by melting. It is characterised by a very low coefficient of friction, compared to other solid materials, and is particularly interesting for its wide range of applications.

Also the use of PTFE and PTFE with different fillers, such as glass fibre, carbon, graphite, bronze, stainless steel or mica, which improve its properties, is diverse. It is a popular material in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, automotive and chemical industries. Pure PTFE has a wide range of applications too.
It is used to produce PTFE coatings for heat exchangers, electrical insulation, O-rings, gaskets, seals, saddles and bearings, non-stick surfaces, etc.


Where the properties of standard PTFE are not sufficient, there is the more efficient version of the material of higher quality and higher performance – the modified PTFE. Its main advantages are better chemical resistance, minimal cold flow and minimised material overflow at high bolt tightening (creep).
The modified PTFE has high environmental stability, which extends its service life and thus reduces
the cost of replacing seals frequently during shut-downs, resulting in financial savings.

Durability and other super properties
But let’s move on to the properties of modified PTFE which certainly say more than the complicated chemical terminology. As we mentioned in the introduction, its main advantage is its durability.
This is also why the modified PTFE is suitable for wear-sensitive areas and for places that require a material with anti-adhesive properties.

In addition to being a friction-resistant material, the modified PTFE also resists very well the effects
of the external environment, such as high temperatures where it retains its size and shape, various chemicals with a pH of 0 to 14, strong winds and also UV radiation. At the same time, PTFE also exhibits high impact strength.

What are the other advantages of the modified PTFE? This material offers great electrical insulating properties and can withstand even the most demanding conditions – temperatures ranging from -260℃ to +260℃. It can withstand demanding conditions in environments where high temperatures and high pressure attack at the same time. It also eliminates the “cold flow” factor, while guaranteeing a long-lasting and, above all, reliable sealing performance. In addition, it minimizes material overflow when
the bolt is tightened to a high torque.

If you are looking for a durable seal, the modified PTFE sealing boards are most certainly the right choice. In our range, the modified PTFE is hidden in the AFG 261® – 266® sealing boards, brought to you by our AFINIS TRADE® product line.

The modified PTFE sealing boards have a wide range of globally recognized certifications, such as TA LUFT, DVGW, BAM, FDA and others.


The combination of excellent chemical resistance, great insulating properties and low coefficient of friction is personified in our biaxially oriented PTFE boards, the most widely used models being the boards marked AFG 261® – 266®.

These products from the AFINIS TRADE® product line contain modified or microcellular modified PTFE with a variety of fillers and can be used over a wide pH range and in conditions that other materials cannot withstand. These boards are an ideal solution for achieving the lowest cold flow and seal integrity when minimal leakage is essential.

The materials in the AFG 261® – 266® product line achieve high leak tightness at low bolt torque values. They are suitable for applications with irregular sealing surfaces, with reduced load carrying capacity
or with packing seal replacement.

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