Within our AFINIS GASKET® product line, we have come up with a new service – custom-made milling. For more information, read below.

Are you looking for a new component or a custom made product? Our AFINIS GASKET® service   will provide you with products you need based on a sample or drawing documentation. We can mill materials up to 50mm in thickness. Thanks to our long-term experience and advanced technology we guarantee perfectly precise results. Just in line with our slogan – precise – tight – custom-made! We produce milled products in any quantities – single parts, small or large product runs according to client’s requirements.

Custom-made milled products from stainless-steel based on drawing documentation


What is milling? It is a type of machining, in which the cutter gradually removes material. By cutting away the material, it creates the desired shape of the product according to specific requirements of the customer – based  either on a sample, drawing or sketch. The end products are for example: rubber parts, pulleys, chain guides, guide rails and various other products.

Materials used for milling

Engineering plastics: PTFE, POM-C, PE, PEEK, PC, PP, PMMA
Thermal insulation materials: up to 1650°C
Electrical insulating materials: Textit (Pertinax), Kartit
Rubber materials: NBR, SBR, FPM, MVQ, EPDM, PU* and others

We can process materials up to 50 mm thick for milling. Rubber materials are suitable with a hardness higher than 65 ShA.

Milled products from engineering plastics and rubber materials
Milled material made of thermal-insulating material designed to prevent heat transfer.

If you haven’t contacted it us for milling service yet, do not hesitate to do so, and we will provide you with high quality service and satisfy your needs.